So the SGR is here with us. Mombasa is literally 4.5 hours away. Now if you know me, you know there’s a real love for the coast in me. Ask me where I want to go for vacay, and if it’s not a coastal place, I’m probably lying to you. Except if it’s France! France is always the exception.

Now I unfortunately haven’t gotten the chance to ride the new train before Kenyans well.. Kenyanise it. (Not a real word) Which makes me feel so bad. Especially because if there’s anyone who needs a vacation right now, it’s me.

Plus I keep seing all these summer time photos and… *snif snif*… I just want a holiday. By the beach to enjoy some sun and sand and salt. But I am at work and school, 😭😭 and travelling costs money. Money that I don’t quite have just yet.  But soon enough.

Baby if you can, take me to where there’s salt in the air and sand in my hair…


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